Dual Language Program

Trevista at Horace Mann is the proud home of a 90/10 Spanish Dual Language Program that empowers all students to reach their highest potential as members of an evolving global society.

Two-Way Immersion Program

The dual-language program will start in 2018 for ECE and kindergarten. We will continue to add a grade level each year for students who have previously been enrolled in dual language programming or show Spanish proficiency. Below is a table of when each grade level will be added to the dual-language program.

Dual language program schedule for each grade level

The two-way immersion program at Trevista provides a research-proven instructional model for students to learn Spanish and English. This additive bilingual program will teach all students Spanish without compromising English language development.  

90/10 Dual Language Model

The 90/10 dual language model emphasizes Spanish first for 90% of the day and English for 10% of the day. The emphasis on Spanish instruction in the early grades gives all students a jump-start on building a strong foundation in vocabulary and literacy skills in Spanish. As students progress through the program, more English will be introduced until students spend 50% of their day in Spanish and 50% in English. The skills learned in Spanish will transfer to English, so that all students leave bilingual and bi-literate. The table below shows the time spent in each language as a student progresses through the grade levels.

9/10 Dual Language Model graph

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is an integral part to the Trevista Dual Language Program. Our goal is to create a community that values and honors multilingualism and multiculturalism. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and learn ways in which to support students at home. We also have a thriving PTA that is involved in event planning, fundraising and school support.

How to Support your Child at Home with Spanish

Learning a new language is challenging, but rewarding! At Trevista our goal is to make language learning fun and engaging for all students. Each month we provide families with a newsletter that outlines our unit of study that includes vocabulary picture cards and songs in Spanish. See the resources below for ways to support your child at home with learning Spanish.

Join us and see the benefits of dual language at Trevista!