Innovation School

In 2011, Trevista was designated a turnaround school which means that it was in need of drastic improvement. In June 2012, we applied for innovation status as a strategy to turn Trevista around through flexibilities. We were granted innovation status between 2012-2015 and last spring, we reapplied for our innovation status renewal. Our current innovation plan was approved and is valid for two years. Our innovation plan is viewable here:  We will be working with our school community in 2016-17 to apply for renewal.

Some of the flexibilities that we have been able to have because of our innovation plan are:


  • Our innovation plan allows us flexibility in the folks we hire so that we are ensuring that we have the best educators for our kiddos. We are very proud to say that we have two adults in every classroom; in ECE-2nd grade we have a teacher and a paraprofessional and in 3rd-5th grade we have a teacher and a City Year Corp Member in each of our classes.


  • We know that our students benefit from more, meaningful, instruction so our students have an extended day compared to other schools. Our day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:15. We also operate under a modified calendar to ensure that our teachers have more time for professional development and planning/preparation.

English Language Development (ELD)

  • At Trevista, we value biliteracy and bilingualism. Our students benefit from an ELD class and we differentiate between: beginner, intermediate, and advanced/native speakers. Our ELD classes are taught by experts who are passionate about this important content area.


  • As an innovation school, we were allowed flexibility in curriculum selection before the board of education passed this as an option to all schools. As a result, we just completed our 2 ½ year of piloting a common core aligned curriculum that is now the opt-in option in DPS (Expeditionary Learning for Literacy in 3rd-5th).  We are excited to be opting-in to the new district curriculum for math and primary literacy in 2016-17, too!


  • Another flexibility that we were able to have through innovation before the the district made a change was in assessment. We partnered with The Achievement Network (ANet) 2 ½ years ago and this partnership has assisted us in making big shifts for common core state standards. ANet created a series of common core aligned assessments which we used to inform instruction throughout the year and we learned a lot.  In 2016-17, we continue to be innovators as we take on a new assessment platform, Illuminate Ed (we are the only school in the Northwest doing this; most are now starting ANet).


  • We have an extended day that guarantees our emerging bilingual students receive a 45 minute ELD block which focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening using ELAchieve as well as 150-165 minutes in our literacy block. Our students are able to participate in a very balanced literacy block which includes whole group read aloud and close reading, multiple guided reading groups, and responses to reading which require high levels of thinking that are aligned with common core.  Furthermore, we use Lightsail at our intermediate grades to provide a personalized independent reading experience on our iPads that our students love!  We use CreativeCurriculum for ECE, Benchmark for K-2, and ExpeditionaryLearning for 3rd-5th.


  • Our students also have an extended math block at Trevista due to our extended day between 80-105 minutes.  We are very excited to be opting in to the new DPS curriculum, Bridges.

Extended Learning Opportunities

  • We are very proud to be home to one of very few elementary level dance programs in the city! At Trevista, we also offer all of our students physical education and visual arts programming. In addition to these opportunities, we also host a variety of after school options such as Chess Club and Homework Help Club (which is at capacity and is optional). Furthermore, we sponsor teams such as Soccer for Success and compete with other Playworks teams in the city.


  • We have a very strong community at Trevista and our partnerships enable us to support students outside of the school including through additional programming here, at The Bridge Project, or at the Boys and Girls Club. We also have partnerships with folks like Food for Thought whom send home power sacks of food with each of our kiddos every Friday for the weekend. Our Family & Community Liaison, Kristin McAndrew is a wonderful resource for families and organizes all of our family and community events including: parenting classes, volunteer opportunities, monthly informational meetings, and many more.