Home Visits

Parent Teacher Home Visit Project at Trevista

We are very proud to announce that this is the fourth consecutive school year that Trevista participates in the Teacher Home Visit Project! During the last school year (2014-15), Trevista teachers conducted over 200 home visits and we are very excited to visit even more homes this year. The parent teacher home visit project is an excellent opportunity for teachers and parents to connect. It is a scheduled a ahead of time with the classroom teacher either by signing up or through a phone call. The home visit is not intended to discuss academics or behaviors, per se; the conversation is focused on learning more about the student personally including hopes and dreams that parents have for their student. Home visits can also be scheduled to take place offsite such as at a coffee shop. If you are interested in learning more about this project or would like to schedule a home visit, please reach out directly to your student’s’ teacher or contact our Family & Community Liaison, Kristin_McAndrew@dpsk12.org.

History of Home Visits in Denver

More than 12 years ago, Fairview Elementary School implemented the Sacramento-based Parent Teacher Home Visit Project after principal, Norma Giron, attended the Parent Teacher Home Visit Conference in Sacramento. Over the years, Norma and her staff managed to keep most of the program alive with grants and lower pay to teachers as funding streams decreased.

When Tom Boasberg became Superintendent in 2009, a teacher (Don Diehl) from Fairview invited him to go on a home visit with him, and as a result, Superintendent Boasberg, became an avid supporter of the program as well. Tom assigned Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Patricia Slaughter, as the district administrator responsible for expanding the program in the district with support from the Department of Parent and Community Outreach. Shortly afterwards, Henry Roman, President of the Denver Classroom Teachers’ Association (DCTA), went on a home visit with Don and fully endorsed the program.

On Jan. 20, 2011, the Board of Education presented a Proclamation recognizing the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project and the participating schools for outstanding performance.