The history of Trevista at Horace Mann began in the Fall 2008 school year as an ECE-8th Grade School to serve the community in Denver’s Northside whom had previously attended Smedley Elementary School, Remington Elementary School, and/or Horace Mann Middle School.

The Smedley Elementary Stars community opened its doors in 1902, Horace Mann Middle School Tigers in 1932, and Remington Elementary Rockets in 1954 and they each operated as such until the Spring 2008 when all three were closed, respectively, and consolidated at the Horace Mann campus.

The name Trevista is a portmanteau with “Tre” standing for the three original schools and “vista” representing a single vision for the success of all children from the three school communities.

When Trevista opened its doors at Horace Mann, a new mascot was also adopted for the new school: the Falcon. Falcons are emblems for success, victory, and rising above a situation. They represent visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship. The Falcon also carries with it a message of transition and change. All of these characteristics being very suitable for the new school.

The new school adopted the colors of the Horace Mann Tigers: grey and blue. For the first seven years of the Trevista history, all elementary students wore a blue polo uniform while the middle school students wore a grey polo.

In the 2011-2012 school year, Trevista was designated a turnaround school which meant that the school was put on an accountability clock with the state and needed to act quickly to improve. During the spring 2012, a new principal was selected and going into the 2012-2013 school year, an almost completely new staff began the turnaround journey together.

During the 2012-2015 school years, Trevista made significant changes and improvements as measured by the school performance framework (the statistical categories that all schools in Colorado are measured by) including: enrollment, attendance, academic growth, academic status, student perception, parent satisfaction, and a reduction in disciplinary incidents. Trevista also celebrated being a high growth school, an honor that only 40 of nearly 200 schools earn. With the high growth status, Trevista also lays claim to being the highest growth elementary and middle school, respectively, in the region. Trevista’s middle school also brought home a lot of hardware in sports including division championships in boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball.

In the winter 2014-15, the DPS school board voted to close the Trevista middle school program at the recommendation of the leadership team due to declining enrollment. The TNLI zone program had been moved to another nearby middle school which impacted enrollment which was already small and declining.

In 2016, Trevista earned green status on the School Performance Framework (SPF)! This news has excited the Trevista community because we have gone from “Red” (the lowest rating) to the second highest rating, “Green.” The Trevista community celebrates this victory but has set its eye on “Destination Blue.”