School Profile

Trevista was an ECE-8th grade school from 2008-2015 but beginning in the fall 2015, Trevista began serving ECE-5th grades only.

Trevista Snapshot

  • 3 year old ECE program
  • Full-day ECE & Kindergarten
  • Vertically aligned ECE & K program that uses many of the Montessori principles to achieve and exceed grade level content while creating intrinsically motivated learners.
  • Current enrollment 325
  • Green (meets expectations) on School Performance Framework (SPF)
  • Highest academic growth of any elementary school northwest Denver
  • Technology resources for all students
  • Transitional native language instruction (TNLI) for Spanish speaking students; growth in English language development far exceeds the district average.
  • Enrichment classes in dance and visual arts
  • Physical education
  • Caring community partners providing support before, during, and after school