Dual Language Program at Trevista!

Posted 11/22/2017

We are excited to introduce our inaugural dual language program strand at Trevista beginning fall 2018 for 3 year old ECE, 4 year old ECE, and kindergarten! This option will only be available for ECE and kindergarten students in fall 2018 and we will add a grade level each year for students who have previously been enrolled in dual language programming (1st in 2019, 2nd in 2020, 3rd in 2021, 4th in 2022, and 5th in 2023).

This program model will allow for our participating students to leave 5th grade bilingual and biliterate; our target language will be Spanish so all students who speak a different first language such as English or Somali, will learn Spanish. Our program model will be 90/10.

How 90/10 works: The 90/10 dual language model emphasizes the non-English language first for 90% of the time, which in our case will be Spanish, to give a jump start to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students.

Our English-speaking students will benefit from this intensive development of their Spanish with a hands-on curriculum. Since they are only exposed to Spanish during the school day, this will advance their proficiency development while they naturally maintain their English. When they get to fourth and fifth grade, they will excel with the class in both languages.

On the other hand, our Spanish-speaking students need a jump-start in their first language to start school on grade level and stay there. They are enrolled in dual language classes to become additive bilingual students just like our English-speaking students. They are speakers of a minority language in the U.S. and because Spanish is not supported by the broader society, they need extra support in their first language to develop their native language academic skills. They also need to know their first language is just as important as English.

Here is the progression of time students will spend learning in each language for each grade (green is target language, Spanish & blue is English):

Graph showing percentage of time students spend learning a language

Reasons to Enroll in Dual Language Classes:

  • To become proficient bilingual students in two languages
  • To develop a second language at an early age through discovery learning
  • To enhance cognitive development
  • To increase mastery of curriculum and raise achievement outcomes
  • To significantly raise achievement outcomes for historically marginalized student groups
  • To provide aspects of gifted education to students who are already on grade level
  • To help students learn “how to learn” so they can cope with faster rates of new available knowledge
  • To improve motivation and attendance by increasing student engagement through instruction
  • To significantly increase high school graduation rates
  • To improve students’ chances of receiving scholarships for post high school study
  • To prepare students for highly diverse work places and for the 21st century global interconnections in all fields of study and work
  • To earn the Seal of Biliteracy at graduation!

(W.P. Thomas & V.P. Collier, 2017)

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