Destination Blue

Trevista  is a “green” rated school (meets expectations) on the School Performance Framework (SPF)! Attaining green status is a very proud achievement for the Trevista community as the school has historically been rated red or orange. Though Trevista has come a very long way in becoming a great school, the Trevista Falcons have their eyes set on destination blue!

The color blue has a special significance for the Trevista community.

  • First, blue and grey were the school colors for the Horace Mann Middle School Tigers. When Smedley, Remington, and Horace Mann were consolidated, Trevista adopted those colors as their own.
  • Secondly, blue serves as a daily reminder of distinction and of the mission and vision to become a blue school.

All of the main entrances at Trevista have been painted a bold blue as a daily reminder for all who walk through the doors that the school is on a mission to become a blue rated school. On the first floor, where lockers have been in place since the 1930’s, the school has had them covered, painted blue, and installed with age-appropriate hooks and shelves.

The Trevista Falcon is also blue! Francisco, better known as Frankie, the Falcon is the paramount symbol of our positive behavior intervention system. All students at Trevista are eligible for earning Falcon Feathers for exemplifying our core values: work hard, show respect, and be responsible and aspire to be Blue Falcons everyday. There is an intricate incentive system in place when students earn a Falcon Feather that we would love to tell you more about when you visit!